Dear Prospective Student & Parents     

Congratulations on being finally accepted into Claude Qavane Residence. This residence takes pride in accepting students of the best quality in academic achievement like you.

When you arrive at this residence on Sunday, 27-January-2019, you will participate in our orientation programme for two weeks. Orientation is exciting in the sense that it will help you familiarise with our buildings and staff before lectures start. It will also have numerous educational and entertaining activities that will challenge your thinking, interpersonal skills and physical fitness. You will meet different people who do not speak, look and dress like you which will grow the great type of gentleman we want from you at this diverse residence.

Kindly bring the following for orientation:  

  • R300.00 cash for orientation pack & R550.00 cash for meal card
  • A plain black golf t-shirt and a plain black rugby short (preferably from PEP)
  • White takkies (strictly a Tomy)
  • Formal wear (For Valentines Ball)

Please note that orientation is not covered by NSFAS or any other bursary and will therefore need to be paid for in cash

Once again we welcome you to Claude Qavane Residence and we look forward to having you in our residence to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kind Regards                                                                                  



Claude Qavane Residence